The Weather

I had visited San Francisco plenty of times. Sometimes it was warm, often, I now seem to remember, it was a tad chilly. In retrospect, I think because San Francisco was located in “California” (and I was a contented east-coaster), my impression / expectation of any city located in California clouded my own personal experiences.

I remember now a good friend of mine, an ex-New Yorker through-and-through, who was giddy with excitement, for years, about the prospect of moving to San Francisco. His voicemail message, hipster in its minimalism, proclaimed simply “California is sunny.”

He too unknowingly helped create fantasy that San Francisco, located in California, rife with beaches, palm trees and all sorts of other typically tropical accouterments was actually warm.

So let me be clear to you, my thinking about moving / already planning to move / evaluating a job relocation / following a spouse / lover / newly moved friend…

San Francisco is not warm. It’s not even a little warm.

Let’s be clear, shall we? It’s quite often cold!

Oh sure, every once in a while it will claw it’s way above 60-degrees, but for the vast majority of the time it’s COLD. To be fair, there are many days when (depending on what neighborhood you’re in – we’ll come back to the absurd phenomenon of neighborhoods having different weather patterns later) the fog will clear and a brisk quasi-warmth will fill the air. You may even be inclined to leave the house without a jacket, sweater and scarf.

DON’T! The weather here changes dramatically in ways you can not emotionally prepare yourself for. It’s like that Will Smith movie, “I Am Legend.” It will be sunny out so you jump in your Range Rover to hunt elk in the abandoned streets of San Francisco. The radio is blaring Steppenwolf’s “Born to be Wild” and your non-zombie dog / best friend is sitting happily in the seat next to you. You’re having a great time, not a care in the world, but then your watch beeps and you notice the sun is about to set…RUN HOME!!! Before you know it the sun has dipped behind one of the hills peppering the city landscape and the temperature starts to plummet! In 10-minutes a balmy 58-degree day will nose-dive into a windy, 43-degree night. At home you need to slam your windows closed, draw the blinds,  latch the doors and climb into the tub with your dog, blankets and anything else you can throw on yourself to keep just a little warm…

Welcome to August in San Francisco.


About adamahata

On February 5, 2008, after 15 amazing years in New York City, I got married, changed careers, and moved out to San Francisco. All within a three-week period, and with very little preparation. This blog is for those of you who follow me out to San Francisco (or have been here for a while and are still trying to figure this place out). You're not in Kansas anymore Dorothy.
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7 Responses to The Weather

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  3. peggyluwho says:

    Yes, it’s true. July and August are quite cool. Then in October . . . heat wave!

    But, it doesn’t snow here, like it does in New York, so it’s warmer in the winter.

  4. adamahata says:

    It’s the coldest spring too. But to be fair, it’s been actually great this month. Maybe mid-October is the month to be here? Although it still drops precipitously at night!

  5. Didn’t Twain write that the coldest winter he ever had was a summer he spent in San Francisco?

  6. adamahata says:

    Is that a compliment?

  7. are oh bee says:

    hipster in its minimalism

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