Two Great Tastes…


This doesn’t quite qualify for my Weird Restaurant Category (great food, good lighting, $12 – $14 entrees), but there’s still something oh, so San Francisco about it!

Plus seriously, after you’ve had an order of chow meain (or a burger), don’t you often crave a delicious donut?


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On February 5, 2008, after 15 amazing years in New York City, I got married, changed careers, and moved out to San Francisco. All within a three-week period, and with very little preparation. This blog is for those of you who follow me out to San Francisco (or have been here for a while and are still trying to figure this place out). You're not in Kansas anymore Dorothy.
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6 Responses to Two Great Tastes…

  1. agmilmoe says:

    Lest you forget the Indian named Chinese/American restaurant in the Mission…

    However, it’s not as much a trend as the Donuts and Chinese Food.

  2. peggyluwho says:

    And those places are all over. It’s not like there’s just one chinese/burger/donut shop. There’s even one in my neighborhood in Oakland.

  3. Audrey says:

    Ahem, I believe it was 1st ave in the East Village that I encountered my first “Donut Taco Indian Curry Thai Ice Cream Burger” stand.

  4. Alan says:

    There’s Burgers & Cupcakes here is NYC. Which I thought was weird when I first saw it, but since then I’ve been told it is a popular spot. So I guess Donuts & Chinese Food is a little weird, but it doesn’t fall into the uniquely SF weird category. NYC hold its own on this count.

  5. bg says:

    it’s not just weird, but weirdly smart and inventive… those frying machines are multitaskers. donuts in the AM, kung pao at night. good call!

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