Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor, Your Streetcars

While most of the civilized world may have abandoned streetcars about 100 years ago, trolleys are still proudly clanking away on the roadways of Ye Olde San Francisco! Sure there are plenty of other “more convenient,” “easier,” and “faster” ways to get around the “city” (see SFIW’s Public Transportation Tutorial), but nothing quite as quaint as a good-ol fashion streetcar!

And not only has San Francisco tenaciously held onto its own fleet, but it has also seriously embraced its recycling program by acquiring and refurbishing streetcars from around the world and setting them back into public service.

So head on over to Market Street and enjoy the show! It’s like your very own daily parade of the obsolete!


About adamahata

On February 5, 2008, after 15 amazing years in New York City, I got married, changed careers, and moved out to San Francisco. All within a three-week period, and with very little preparation. This blog is for those of you who follow me out to San Francisco (or have been here for a while and are still trying to figure this place out). You're not in Kansas anymore Dorothy.
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8 Responses to Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor, Your Streetcars

  1. Sarah says:

    Since when is “the 1900s” a ‘location,’ Adam? 😉

  2. Michele says:

    I read a recent article about the cities plan to expand the F line and they are purchasing a bunch of trolleys from New Jersey that they then paint in the style of a particular city from around the world. They aren’t from those cities or countries, just painted that way!

  3. Steve says:

    Anything that helps get cars off the street is a good thing. Just ’cause its old doesn’t make it bad – the NYC subway was opened in 1870 and not many would say that it is obsolete. Good thing NYC didn’t get rid of the subway when cars came along.

  4. Vallejo says:

    Trams are THE most civilised, SAFEST and coolest way around.

    A tram city is a happy city I always say.


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