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Aw Shucks.

Everyone from New York knows where oysters come from: Blue Ribbon, Jacks Oyster Bar, Aqua Grill or one of another dozen-or-so delicious (and well lit) Manhattan restaurants. Imagine my surprise then when I discovered incredibly delicious, creamy and succulent oysters … Continue reading


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Bad Little Piggies

Berkeley’s Shotgun Players dares you to cross the impossibly long Bay Bridge and navigate through a maze of windy streets until you randomly stumble upon North Berkeley’s John Hinkel Park. If you survive the journey you’ll find some of the … Continue reading

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Barneys, I Thought I Knew Ya.

It’s an time-honored New York tradition. Once a year, well dressed New Yorkers (AKA everyone) line up (im)patiently in front of Barneys New York. When the doors are finally flung open each morning, the well-heeled crowd is instantly transformed into … Continue reading

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Thou Shalt Yelp!

As I have previously discussed, San Franciscans are exceptionally nice and freakishly tolerant. In fact, the only thing I have universally seen San Franciscans get upset about (besides not adequately recycling or composting of course) is lacking to respect The … Continue reading

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Lego New York

Christopher Niemann brings New York icons and sensibilities to life through legos. Loves it! While I figure out the appropriate San Francisco response I encourage you to check out the entire collection at the NYT Blog.

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Utrecht Conspiracy?

Relax, while there is a good probability that you have at least a small contact-high from all of the marijuana floating through the San Francisco atmosphere, chances are you’re not hallucinating. It’s a well publicized fact here in San Francisco … Continue reading

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Back in the day (i.e. five years ago) before there was such a thing as Whole Foods, most New Yorkers conducted the majority of their food shopping at corner bodegas that smelled faintly (or not so faintly) of cat pee. … Continue reading

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